On the Edge of Uncertainty

by Providence Falls

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released December 23, 2012

Music and Lyrics by Chris Dunn
Produced by Chris Dunn
Mixed and Mastered by Kaelin Tauxe

Jameson Staley - Vocals
Chris Dunn - Bass, Guitar, Keys, and Programming
Tyler Ritter - Drums
Kaelin Tauxe - Guitar Solos on A Life Unbound and Pretend
Forrest Layton - Guitar Solo on Jail of Sell
Kory Caudill - Synth Solo on Nautilus

Artwork and Booklet Design by Shaun Hall



all rights reserved


Providence Falls Booneville, Mississippi

A note from Chris D:

This album has had quite the life-cycle. Although released in late 2012, these ten original songs were actually crafted and recorded over an 8 year time span. Listening back now, I fondly remember many of the priceless memories that I had in the studio with Tyler, Kaelin, and Jameson. It's a cliche, but this album truly was a labor of love. I hope you find something to like. ... more

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Track Name: A Life Unbound
Welcome to the masquerade of overwhelming odds
Temptation leads us here, we cannot refuse
She can take so many forms, you choose her façade
Find your partner, take the floor, and dance forevermore
Losing control so easily
Pleasure perceived has blinded me

And I’ve tried to disguise these rising cries for help
By secluding myself when control slips away
I pray someone sees my inability
To live a life unbound

Welcome to the hideaway of unfulfilling needs
Secret shame leads us here, we cannot refuse
Isolate and separate, choose your own façade
As your partner pulls the strings, you dance unwillingly
Detachment has made it hard to see
Concerns being voiced so graciously


Everywhere I hear
Voices calling out my name
I never was alone
Salvation is one step away

And I tried to disguise these rising cries for help
By secluding myself when control slipped away
The answer to my prayers descended from the air
I live a life unbound
Track Name: Security Through Obscurity
I know a boy who’s never alone
Surrounded by everyone he knows
Solitude, he always fears
When distractions seem to disappear
He’s on his own

In his mind, he always feels alone
The key is never far away, but no one ever looks
Security through obscurity, he isn’t like an open book
He only wishes he could find the perfect one to venture inside
To the darkest place where he runs to hide
But no one wants see what’s inside
They’re too busy with their lives

I see a man who’ll never change
No one hears anything he says
He’s been ignored, like a dusty book
The title’s blurred
And they’re judging him with false concept


Those he loved, he has pushed away
They searched for the key but he refused to see
He’s been locked inside for so very long
He no longer seeks the perfect one
Just anyone who’ll give him another chance

The man I thought would never change
Is approaching me for one last exchange
And as I see what I know is true
The mirror shows that I’ve been made anew
Farewell to that man I once knew

(Alt. Chorus)
In my mind, I never feel alone
Now that the door is open wide, all can step inside
Security through obscurity is a useless policy
Now that I have been set free
Solitude brings nothing but peace
Track Name: Misinformation Age
Taunted by TV screens
Mocked by magazines
Influenced by needless love of those we hold above
The perfect you is 3 easy payments away
Sign up today, satisfaction’s guaranteed

Can anyone rescue me from a social disease with no known cure that I can buy?
Happiness sold in a plan; the misinformation age lives to lie another day

Hurry up—don’t take too long or this offer will be gone
The price of a miracle is less than you can imagine


I don’t want to be the only one
But how can I resist this temptation
Why resist? It’s easy to betray
New and improved is never far away

It seems that nothing ever will be changed
The truth would be rejected as the lie
But I can’t give up, I must endure
It’s obvious there is no miracle cure

I sympathize with these desperate ones
Defenseless against this perfect world
It’s their choice to make, but it’s a mistake
To surrender your life to this age of lies

Don’t give up, don’t give in, joy is all around
Perfection is flawed, why can’t we embrace our differences

(Alt. Chorus)
We have to save ourselves from a social disease with no known cure that we can buy
Our differences pushed us apart; the misinformation age won’t survive our harmony
Track Name: Jail of Sell
Delusions of fame pave the road
To the life all see but few ever know
Art is forsaken, while attention’s misplaced
Falsely fulfilled by the easily replaced

But how can art survive when popularity’s all that thrives?
This can’t be reality

We turn our heads to hide from our hearts
While being told who we should love and who should rise above
And we’ll never been content until our time’s spent
In pursuit of conforming, we confirm that we’ll never learn to open our minds
We prefer to be confined to a jail of sell

The hopeful pray everyday for another chance
The hopeless can’t look away; they’re all stuck in a trance
By the end of the game, there’s instant fame
We await the success that they will surely obtain

We’re overcome with pride like a family spread nationwide
This is unreality


We are entertained by the lives we’ve helped to make
We can hardly wait for their next big break
No one seems to mind being used, then left behind
Yet we feel like friends, it’s a one way street that never ends

And how can I endure a path that’s so unsure?
I’ll make them see reality

(Alt. Chorus)
I bow my head in fear of our fate
A world unaware of those who strive just to keep their art alive
I hope that you’re content
And that you don’t regret
Driving away the ones who tried to open up your minds
But you looked away
You prefer to be confined to a jail of sell
You will never escape
Track Name: Breaking Farther Away
Track Name: Pretend
Everything you say gets in the way
Like a hurdle on an ice rink, you’re two different games I don’t know how to play
Just stop for a moment, give me a chance
You’re driving at full speed
I know the bridge is out
I’ve lost the will to shout
I watch us die (This is unreal)

Everyday brings another way
To pretend that I’m fine
While everything goes unsaid
I feel your pressure pushing me
But I cannot break free
Because the only thing left in me that I can see
Is the person you’ve forced me to be

You’ve taken me over, broken my lines
I’m tired of fighting; there’s nothing more to say
You never listened anyways
I can’t remember how it feels to be free
In this solitary cell, I’ve no memory of how life used be
You watch me die (This is unreal)


I want to know why you did this to me
We never agreed, you’ve beaten me down to make me believe
If I’m without you then I am nothing
You’ll never know how it feels to be me
I gave you control, you run my life—It’s no mystery
But I’ll never give up, I’ll never love misery

I wanted to escape, and run so far away
But losing all control, persuaded me to stay

Maybe it’s not too late to breakaway
I’ll escape from this cage I helped you make

Everyday, breaking farther away
I won’t pretend anymore
You’ll be unable to ignore
The man I will force myself to be
Track Name: In Memories
Looking back while moving forward, a hindrance that I can’t avoid
Going on, all alone; is not as easy as it seems
But if we could go back and live it all again
What would be the point already knowing how it ends?

If nothing can be changed
The outcome stays the same
Reliving makes me forget
The fault I can’t admit

I’ve never lost a love so profound, regrets abound, my heart concedes
Alone before, now I’m alone once more; but solitude’s worse once love precedes
But when I turn around and gaze back for too long
I’m forced to close my eyes, because I refuse to watch us die


Knowing what I know now I would
Give anything just to have another
Moment to see what I’ll
Only see in my head years from now
Please don’t go, where I can’t follow

I don’t want to leave it all behind
I can’t bear to leave it all behind
In memories, you’ll remain
I can’t forget, I’ll never be the same

Track Name: The Lines
Standing at a crossroads, three ways to go
Been told to take the straight path, the one they all know
They’ve traveled it for years but never moved at all
Those who listen fall in line, but ahead is a wall

Torn by this choice—should I leave them behind?
What can I hope to find by turning left or right?
I wish I could stay, but that’s not my way
I cannot be confined to stay inside the lines

Those who left before me set their fears aside
Mirage of choice will mislead and they’ll only see to their sides
Some turn to the left, ignoring the signs
The avaricious road awaits those who travel right


And I can’t understand why no one else sees
That the fabled wasteland sustains endless possibilities
And I can’t help believe they need me to fail
But I’ll prove them all wrong and make a new trail

All alone now
I travel unafraid

A path unmarked by signs
Life should be so divine
If you refuse to be confined
Don’t follow me, just live outside the lines
Track Name: Nautilus
Track Name: Alone
Surrounded by this wasted land
Eyes to the sky, but the flame is gone
No destination to lead me
A soul astray, I wander free
No faith in myself; failure’s taught me
Hopeless, I plead, salvation find me

The emptiness ahead is all my own
My foolish fears defeat the seeds I’ve sewn
Hope is but a dream
Despair’s my only friend

Clouds weep for this wasted land
Without roots, life is washed away
The water falls, but I’m not cleansed
My promised land has passed away
Immobile, I sink down in the earth
Fearful, I search for higher ground

This flooded land I see tells me to go
These wasteful fears defeat the seeds I’ve sewn
Traveling towards hope
I’m followed by despair

My journey ends as the rain ceases
I approach a gathering on a hill
I walk amongst them unnoticed
Can this be real? Is this what I’ve sought?
Another world where they all know
The hope I lost so long ago
Could this be home?

They open up their eyes and speak to me
They claim to understand my suffering
But when their meeting ends, I feel I’m lost again

I just want to feel like I belong
I just want a place to call my home
Surrounded by their hope, just fills me with despair
Why can’t I change? Why do I always feel alone?
The emptiness inside is all my own

I’ve traveled for years, through many foreign lands
Never looking back, drifting like the sand
My endless search for meaning has brought me to my knees
This weary traveler’s journey has ended in defeat

But then I caught a glimpse of a familiar morning sky
Everything had changed, but was still somehow the same
I looked to the horizon, my promised land in view
I slowly came to realize, that I’d been made anew

This was my home, long ago
I fled the storms but I’ve learned to endure
I’ve returned—a man reborn

I thought I’d find a new life far away from here
I wandered with one purpose- running from my fears
My journey of discovery ends where it began
I’ve finally found my purpose here

I’ve finally found my home
No longer Alone