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Surrounded by this wasted land
Eyes to the sky, but the flame is gone
No destination to lead me
A soul astray, I wander free
No faith in myself; failure’s taught me
Hopeless, I plead, salvation find me

The emptiness ahead is all my own
My foolish fears defeat the seeds I’ve sewn
Hope is but a dream
Despair’s my only friend

Clouds weep for this wasted land
Without roots, life is washed away
The water falls, but I’m not cleansed
My promised land has passed away
Immobile, I sink down in the earth
Fearful, I search for higher ground

This flooded land I see tells me to go
These wasteful fears defeat the seeds I’ve sewn
Traveling towards hope
I’m followed by despair

My journey ends as the rain ceases
I approach a gathering on a hill
I walk amongst them unnoticed
Can this be real? Is this what I’ve sought?
Another world where they all know
The hope I lost so long ago
Could this be home?

They open up their eyes and speak to me
They claim to understand my suffering
But when their meeting ends, I feel I’m lost again

I just want to feel like I belong
I just want a place to call my home
Surrounded by their hope, just fills me with despair
Why can’t I change? Why do I always feel alone?
The emptiness inside is all my own

I’ve traveled for years, through many foreign lands
Never looking back, drifting like the sand
My endless search for meaning has brought me to my knees
This weary traveler’s journey has ended in defeat

But then I caught a glimpse of a familiar morning sky
Everything had changed, but was still somehow the same
I looked to the horizon, my promised land in view
I slowly came to realize, that I’d been made anew

This was my home, long ago
I fled the storms but I’ve learned to endure
I’ve returned—a man reborn

I thought I’d find a new life far away from here
I wandered with one purpose- running from my fears
My journey of discovery ends where it began
I’ve finally found my purpose here

I’ve finally found my home
No longer Alone


from On the Edge of Uncertainty, released December 23, 2012
Jameson Staley - Vocals
Chris Dunn - Bass, Guitar, and Keys
Tyler Ritter - Drums



all rights reserved


Providence Falls Booneville, Mississippi

A note from Chris D:

This album has had quite the life-cycle. Although released in late 2012, these ten original songs were actually crafted and recorded over an 8 year time span. Listening back now, I fondly remember many of the priceless memories that I had in the studio with Tyler, Kaelin, and Jameson. It's a cliche, but this album truly was a labor of love. I hope you find something to like. ... more

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